PROGROM is specialised in industrial rubber bands, small businesses, market gardeners, and all high-quality elastic band requirements.
Our rubber bands have a high latex content.
They are much more resistant over time,
entirely biodegradable, and suitable for food contact.
We can also add an anti-UV treatment for extended outdoor use.

Our Rubber Bands

Our rubber mats - Duckboards

Our PROGOM rubber mats - duckboards are made for professionals: resistant to abrasion, snow, mud, as well as oil and chemicals
Their resistance and durability are made for you! Please contact us with any requests.

Our rubber band balls

Our PROGOM rubber band balls are very high quality. 200 grams, 7cm diameter, and 4 colours (yellow, green, red, blue). Practical, fun, and anti-stress, you’ll always have one on your desk!

Our straps

Our PROGROM elastic straps - pallet bands are made to secure large objects (for transport), as well as for holding or strapping pallets. Available in different sizes and colours.

Our Cross-bands

Our cross-bands are perfect for securing folders, books, boxes or any other containers. Practical, original, and cut to order for our clients.

Our Foams

PROGOM is also specialised in foam. Currently - a very special offer on our Plastazote sheets (200cm x 100cm, 45kg/m3): choose from black, white, red, blue or yellow.

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